About us

Marta Kurzawa

I’ve abandoned the traditional school, knowing that teachers are using traditional grammar exercises and standard way of thinking, which discourages learners and are ineffective.

I have had a chance to work in France and thanks to that I have learned some innovative methods which are really effective. Some understanding of grammar is fundamental to learn a language. However in my classes you’ll talk a lot, listen to some audio – visual records, play games or even go to the cinema for a French movie.

For some people French is easy, others would say it might be complicated. Certainly it’s beautiful. My goal is to show students they are able to communicate, use language in practice and be able to improve it all the time.

Welcome to Bon Courage!

Bon Courage

Our goal is to extend French knowledge and culture.

We would like to share with you our enthusiasm for literature, cinema, love language and French traditions and likewise to improve employee’s qualifications who need French at work.

Students are active members in classes.

Some people would say that French is only for dreamers. They are wrong. We will show how to learn French.

More than classes! In our classes you will start your French adventure. You will explore that you are able to use the language in real life. Buying a coffee at airport in Paris or professional conversation wouldn’t cause any problems.

Striving for perfection you should listen, listen and listen! Enjoy listening to movies, news, songs. It will help you to memorize a good pronunciation and enlarge vocabulary. Regularity is crucial – even a while in daily basis would be effective.

Don’t be afraid! Look for possibilities where your French knowledge would be useful. It’s possible even if you’re a beginner. You may order a meal in restaurant or read a wine label.

From the very beginning we encourage students to speak French, to create simple structures, use infinitives or to gesticulate. You would better make a mistake than be afraid of speaking.

Ask, ask, ask! Something is complicated, not clear? We’re here to help you, to improve your skills.