Why I want to learn French?

The answer on this seemingly easy question will help you to establish your language needs as well as classes expectations. Would you like to remind yourself the language you have once learned at school? Or maybe going on a holiday? Are you dreaming about watching French movies without subtitles? Maybe you need French for work? Maybe you would like to get promoted or change your job and you need a solid knowledge of French (common or the business one)? It may become your key competence within the following weeks or months Maybe you would like to live in the south of France? If so, our classes may be the first step in fulfilling your dreams.

French only?!

The only language we use during our classes is French. We strongly suggest our students to speak French from the very beginning of the course. The most difficult thing is to start doing it. The biggest mystery of learning a foreign language lies in its active use – fearlessly from the beginning, without being worried about making mistakes. The longer we are passive in using a language the more difficult it is to use it actively.

Who is one-to-one language training intended for?

This will suit you if you are looking for private lessons, if you want to remind yourself a language related subject from the past. Also, it is for those who want to establish what they have learned so far and for those who like to work in their own pace. During one-to-one language training one can experience nice, homely atmosphere and the great amount of spoken French. All the materials are prepared directly according to one’s needs and interests.

Who are classes in groups intended for?

Those classes will suite someone who gets motivated to work while being in a group, liking both cooperation and rivalry. Our groups are small and intimate (up to 6 participants). Nonetheless, they are big enough to conduct good discussions and  small enough to make everyone actively participate in it. We do not confine ourselves to working with a student’s book. We make our classes interesting by using various materials, articles, songs, plays. Thanks to it we make sure that we offer something for everyone.