About us

Our goal is to extend French knowledge and culture.

More than classes!

In our classes you will start your French adventure. You will explore that you are able to use the language in real life.

Don’t be afraid!

Look for possibilities where your French knowledge would be useful. It’s possible even if you’re a beginner.

Ask, ask, ask!

Something is complicated, not clear? We’re here to help you, to improve your skills.

Our offer

We have prepared for you offer workshops French language to choose a language packs or themes.


The standard package, including the completion of 45 hours of workshops
general language (classes are held once a week).


The standard package, including the completion of 90 hours of workshops general language (classes are held twice a week).


The package is designed for those who choose to work in French-speaking countries, including the completion of 45 hours of workshops.


The package is aimed at people working in the administration and companies cooperating with the French-speaking markets, including 45 hours of workshops.


30 hours of workshops focused on improving communication skills and conversation in French.


Without leaving home. Traffic jams. Searching for parking places. Waiting for the bus. Without adapting to the pace of the group’s work. We invite you to individual online classes. According to the program prepared using your individual needs. You choose what you want to learn. You choose when do you have classes. And when you take a ski break. Together with the teacher you will set the plan and working methods as well as the meeting schedule. You can cancel or postpone any meeting up to 24 hours before its scheduled date.
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